Irina Prokofieva

Economist, Head of Forest Economics Area;

Irina Prokofieva graduated in Business Economics at the University of Joensuu, Finland and PhD in Economic Theory by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Her research experience lies in the fields of general economic theory, environmental economics, contract theory and law and economics. She has conducted research on environmental regulation, analyzing both the traditional command-and-control methods as well as various self-regulation schemes. In addition, she has worked on the development of marketing tools for rural tourism in Finland, as well as on the legal and economic aspects of environmental taxation in European countries.  As an expert in environmental economics, she has participated in the elaboration of guidelines for selection and definition of the externalities of forestry wood chains. Since 2007, Irina heads the Environment Economics Department.

Video explanation on Forest economics department (only in Spanish).

Email: irina.prokofieva(at)

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